Sediment Testing

We are capable of accommodating sediment testing for various EPA sediment methods including but not limited to: 


Hyalella azteca 10-d (EPA 100.1)

Chironomus dilutus (formerly tentans) (EPA 100.2)

Lumbriculus variegatus Bioaccumulation (EPA 100.3)

Hyalella azteca 42-d (EPA 100.4)

Chironomus dilutus (formerly tentans) Life Cycle test (EPA 100.5)


Leptocheirus plumulosus 28-d (Marine Sediment testing)

Macoma nasuta 28-d (Bioaccumulation)

Nereis virens 28-d (Bioaccumulation)

Ampelisca abdita


Eisenia foetida 28-day (Earthworm Bioaccumulation)

Eisenia foetida 56-d reproduction (Earthworm)

Special Requests: 

Aquatec Environmental Inc. has the capability to accommodate special requests for aquatic sediment and bioaccumulation testing. Please contact us for further details.

Nereis virens

Nereis virens